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A non-profit education platform made for youth to accelerate their talents

We equip youth with the mindset, skills, knowledge, mental resources, as well as access to mentors and opportunities to grow individually

​Personal & professional development is fundamental for success

However, there isn’t enough emphasis on this in the current education system, where connection between academia and real world is missing


of students do not get the skills required to perform at work

#1 CEO priority

of students do not get the skills required to perform at work


wants learning that is: practical, inspiring, accessible at any time, to the point and really helps them be ready for their future career

Youth aging out of foster care are underemployed (Source)

Youth aging out of foster care progress more slowly in the labor market than other youth
​Youth in low socioeconomic communities have limited awareness of career options, which further adds a barrier to appropriate career development. (Source)


Our engagements and mentorship provide opportunities for youth to learn skills needed to be successful in the workplace, as well as guidance to create their individual career paths

Our goal is to provide guidance and awareness to youth who do not have access to traditional education and/or career pathways, youth who are not yet equipped to enter the workforce due to lack of skill building opportunities , and youth who can benefit from having a mentor as a resource in their career creation.


Learn how to create opportunities for your future
​​Learn how to spot opportunities for the future
Learn and practice skills that matter
Learn what is not taught in school to build an amazing career
Learn how to land and thrive in your future career


Who do we work with

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Institutions we have supported so far


We combine technology, brain science and coaching to create a learning experience that is practical, motivating and made to last

We use on-demand learning, live sessions and individual coaching to help students master knowledge, skills and mindset to build their future career

We will work with you and/or your organization to align with mentors and/or deliver a group session for your audience on topics that will make the most impact.
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